Anyone with diabetes may want to lose weight to reduce their need for insulin. In many cases, losing 20 pounds can lead to a diabetic having normal blood sugar levels again, helping to improve overall health.

Visit a Physician before Beginning a Diet

One of the most important things that a diabetic must do before dieting is to discuss their physical health with a physician. Crash dieting with starvation methods or limiting food variety is not a healthy way to lose weight for anyone but is particularly dangerous for diabetics who must monitor blood sugar levels. A knowledgeable physician can provide helpful weight loss tips to prevent insulin reactions or blood sugar abnormalities.

Begin Exercising Several Times a Week

A sedentary lifestyle leads to gaining extra pounds quickly, but exercise is a great way to get back in shape. Anyone with diabetes mellitus should take proper care of their feet while exercising due to blood circulation problems that can cause complications. To avoid blisters on the feet, wear thick socks made of natural fibers such as cotton that wicks away moisture to prevent friction. Begin an exercise program slowly with gentle stretches, brisk walking or yoga movements before progressing gradually to more strenuous exercise. Riding a stationary bicycle each day is an excellent form of exercise for diabetic individuals.

Focus on Highly Nutritious Foods

Weight loss tips for diabetics include changing the types of foods consumed at meals and snacks. Concentrate on eating large amounts of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables that contain massive amounts of natural fiber to assist with filling full. Brightly colored peppers, plums and tomatoes add vital nutrients to a diabetic’s body to assist with physical energy and mental clarity. Instead of choosing grain products made with white flour, buy whole wheat bread and cereals. High quality lean protein, including fish, skinless chicken and beef are also an important part of a daily diet plan.

Schedule an Appointment at a Specialty Clinic

At the Barker, Lynch and Hebblewhite Clinic in Tampa, Fla., diabetics can receive individualized weight loss tips. Patients are evaluated and treated by three physicians, including:

• Dr. James H. Barker
• Dr. Louis L. Lynch
• Dr. Jon G. Hebblewhite

A thorough examination with extensive laboratory tests to check insulin levels and metabolism of individuals with diabetes mellitus can assist with determining the best medications and meal plans to lose weight safely.