You have probably heard of people visiting their doctor to get vitamin B-12 injections to feel good and increase their energy levels. You are probably aware that individuals whose bodies are unable to produce intrinsic factor protein or who have chronically low stomach acid require regular B-12 injections to stave off the ill effects of anemia. But, did you know people also get B-12 shots as a form of medical weight loss? It is true that many weight loss regiments today incorporate B-12 injections to promote weight reduction, but how does this weight loss method actually work?

How It Works

Along with increasing energy, vitamin B-12 is important in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The act of increasing the body’s metabolism with a large dose of B-12 is a beneficial way to burn more energy and promote weight loss. This effect can be enhanced by other factors, such as taking other vitamin supplements, human growth hormone and engaging in regular exercise. In the case of people who are vitamin B-12 deficient, B-12 injections will provide them with more energy to feel like being more active. This is another essential way B-12 shots can help some people to experience weight loss.

Side Effects of B-12 Shots

In general practice, vitamin B-12 injections are an extremely safe and beneficial procedure to have done. Most people start to feel a bit more energy and pick-me-up shortly after receiving their injection. This result causes many people to get injections of B-12 on a regular basis from a qualified physician.

If you are dealing with obesity or would like to simply lose a few extra pounds, then B-12 shots may be the answer you have been looking for. Doctors Barker, Lynch and Hebblewhite are prepared to guide and supervise your medical weight loss efforts. Contact their clinic today to get started losing weight now.

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