What is Obesity?

Obesity is the condition of having too much fat on the body, leading to several health problems such as painful knee joints, diabetes mellitus or heart disease. Additional physical difficulties concerning excess weight include a shortened life span, sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Overweight individuals seeking medical weight loss from obesity weight loss experts also express that they feel mentally or emotionally affected by obesity. Fighting obesity is not easy but you are not alone as the medical weight loss clinic in Tampa of Doctors Barker, Lynch & Hebblewhite is here to help.

How to Know You are Obese?

It is often easy to know when you are overweight by looking in the mirror to see rolls of fat that are located on the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. However, many individuals have a lower level of obesity that is more difficult to identify. Determining your body mass index or BMI is the best way to understand if you require the assistance of a Tampa weight loss clinic to lose weight.

What Can You Do to Fight Obesity?

Begin fighting obesity today by changing your daily dietary and exercise habits. Consume large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables instead of junk foods such as potato chips, french fries or ice cream. Exercise several times a week by walking outside, visiting a gym or swimming in a pool. When losing a large amount of weight, we recommend doing it under medical supervision.

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